Is your household one of the 120 million estimated to have a smart home assistant device? 
If so:  Is Alexa or Google Home now as commonplace (and useful) as the microwave or toaster in your home?

Though recent headlines give credibility to the conspiracy theories these devices have swirling around them, it seems the population as a whole is embracing the technology and that Alexa isn’t just a welcomed house guest, but she and those techy home helpers like her are becoming part of the family.

According to research, Alexa is a daily presence with 75% of users saying they talk to her at least once a day.   Making interaction with the device simply part of the daily routine.  

While Amazon and Google keep upgrading apps and finding new ways for us to use the devices, most people use their home speakers for what you would expect:  listening to music, getting the latest weather forecast or sports scores, and asking for information.   

(What was your latest Google question? – you may have forgotten, but Google hasn’t.

Shopping through the device is also an increasing trend, especially now with the grocery delivery options.

Some of us are holding out for the one that will turn on the dishwasher and put the dishes away when they are clean.  I’ll even pre-order that one through Amazon…  

So, what about you?  Do you have a smart device to turn on your home’s lights, wake you up in the morning, give you the latest weather report, or lock the doors?  Has it been a welcomed change in your routine?  

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Research from article in VentureBeat by Arte Merritt, January 2019.