Have you ever regretfully uttered: “If I only knew…”?  

Buying a home can be both daunting and exciting.  Haylee Hughes, our home buying expert, offers three essential tips every home buyer should know.   Follow her advice and you can focus on the thrill of the hunt, rather than wishing you only knew.

Without a doubt, Haylee’s Step 1 for all buyers:

“Talk to a lender first!”

Before you set your heart on the mansion on the hill, you need to know – not think you know – but really know what you can afford.  A lender can provide confirmed assurance that you can move forward in your preferred price range.  (Call the moving van, baby! That mansion’s mine!)

Or a lender can bring to your attention the need to and ways to boost your buying power, such as offering a plan for raising your credit score. 

Plus, there are many different loan options.  Which loan you choose can affect the buying process and your decision making.

So, bottom line:  Find out your bottom line first.  Get that hurdle out of the way.  Then you can be free to focus your search without financial surprises or disappointments.

After you’ve discussed options with your lender, check our blog next week for Haylee’s next important home buying tip!


If you need help finding a lender, we have several we can recommend to help meet your needs.  Give us a call:  423-504-7507.