Do you visit family during vacation?  Staying in someone’s home is a great way to save money and see loved ones.  Even with the closest of family and friends there are a few rules of etiquette to follow so everyone is focused on making fun memories together and not the fact that you showed up uninvited…again…and you brought the dog this time.

4 Tips for Being a Good Guest:

  1. Coordinate a mutually agreeable date.  Then, clearly communicate your intended length of stay.  Keep in mind, there is something to that 3-day fish theory.
  2. Not everyone is a Martha Stewart, so you can’t expect to walk into Aunt Edna’s house as if you’re checking into a bed and breakfast.  Plan on preparing a meal or two, eating out, or taking food as if to a pot-luck to help meet the meal-time crunch.
  3. Make sure Pongo is also invited before you load the pet carrier in the car.
  4. Be appreciative.  Take a gift and treat your host to a dinner out.  Make sure to convey gratitude and that you’ve enjoyed the stay and the privilege to do so.

4 Tips for Being a Good Host:

  1. Be warm and welcoming.  While a good host makes everyone as comfortable as possible, a great host is ready with an inviting smile and desire for everyone to have a good time.  Love covers a multitude of hide-a-bed bars.
  2. Provide the essentials – towels, extra snacks in the pantry, drinks in the frig, wifi passwords – and invite guests to help themselves.
  3. Be flexible.  Plans changes.  The unexpected happens.
  4. Spend time with your guests.  Even family can feel out-of-sorts in someone else’s home. Take time to ensure your guests know you’re glad they came.