As I’m rolling out of bed, I often remind myself that “successful people make their bed”.  This statement probably originated from a John Tesh “Intelligence for Your Life” radio blurb, but nevertheless, it stuck.   

Indeed, it is true of the successful home seller.  Veterans of the home selling process know Rule #1 is to rid your home of personalization – photographs, monogrammed pillows, etc.  But, far too many rookies leave more than their name on the welcome mat. 

Some photos of homes for sale are humorous. Half-eaten bowls of cereal, attack cats ready to pounce, a note on the frig boldly stating “Colonoscopy Tuesday”.  Most are minor items, a garbage bag left by the backdoor, a crooked picture, or a hose stretched across the yard. 

But they all draw attention away from the awesomeness of your home. And the last thing you want to do is cause a potential buyer to cringe at the sight of dirty socks on the floor.

Tips for staging:

  1. Have someone else walk through your home and identify items that need to go.
  2. Remove unneeded items, clean, tidy-up with the less is more philosophy.
  3. Walk to the doorway of each room and stand.  Notice what your eye is drawn to first and try to see the room from a visitor’s perspective. 
  4. Take pictures with your digital camera/phone to discover items that need to be removed from the shot. 

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to sell your home!  Now, please don’t forget to make your bed.  🙂

*As a side note, to make your bed every day, you must first get out of it, and that just may be the key to the correlation.