It’s the holiday Grill Masters all across the country have waited for with eager anticipation (and lighter fluid at the ready)!

Outdoor entertaining is one of homeowners’ most treasured summer traditions.   

So how do you make the best of your outdoor space?  Here are four inexpensive ideas to create a party vibe outside:

Lighting:  String a few strands of Edison light bulbs around the ceiling or deck rails.  These add light and a party-like feel.  If you have patio umbrellas, add a few small LED lights underneath.

Décor:  Place a simple table runner and add a few candles or mason jars with fresh flowers (maybe stick a couple of bottle rockets in for a playful mix).

Comfort:  Throw pillows level-up the comfort of standard straight back patio chairs and add a punch of color to brighten the space.

Function:  With temps into the 90s, several coolers filled with ice and plenty of cold drinks are a must and provide convenience for guests and hosts alike. 

Steaks, burgers, and BBQ or corn on the cob and veggie shish kabobs, we wish you all the grandest of cookout celebrations this Fourth of July!