Summer is an amazing time. There’s swimming, cookouts, camp outs, get-togethers, and daylight you don’t want to miss!  You don’t want the fun to end.  Interestingly, if the fun never stops, then neither do you. 

Hooray for the summer hoopla, but a time-out may help you keep up the pace without losing your mind!

Relaxing looks different for everyone.  Maybe it’s a nap in the hammock, a good book next to the pool, or just simply sitting quietly in your favorite chair.  Others may relax by jogging along the Riverwalk, working in the garden, or exercising at the gym. 

Whatever your preferred method, take a break to recharge and help lower your blood pressure, reduce tension and muscle pain, improve focus and mood, increase energy, and keep agitation and anger in check. 

Consider taking time to relax as the summer’s seventh inning stretch to help you keep playing your best and finish a winning season!