Home trend reports for 2019 state that homeowners are investing in larger bath remodels.  And, the luxury tub is a must-have component.  No longer is the tub just for kids’ bubble baths.

In previous years, tubs were replaced by innovative shower designs with walk-in options, elegant glass and tile accents, and multi-head sprays to give a massage-like effect.  While the shower is still an essential element in the bathroom, the focal point for design and relaxation has been diverted to luxury basins.    

A quick look at Pinterest will reveal that contemporary styles for soaking tubs are supremely popular, but especially in our region, vintage is also winning out with the traditional claw foot or classic white tub paired with a rustic wood floor. 

Large massage tubs and tile are still considered clean, sophisticated choices, but the trend is to update with spa-like elements- all to create an experience.  Taking a bath is less about getting clean and more about relaxing in your luxury oasis.

 So, what is your preference?  Is the tub worth the real estate it occupies in your home?