USA Today recently released an article listing the top 20 stores in America.  I guess it’s no surprise Walmart, McDonald’s, and Starbucks claim the top three spots.  Target sits at #8 and Home Depot and Lowe’s round out the end of the list. 

Why do we buy?  Thinking back to the “what’s my motivation?” mantra, look at these top three. Do you enjoy the experience at any of them? 

The top two spots reveal that price is a big motivator.  Then you get to Starbucks – definitely not bargain beverages.  But it’s convenient and you’re guaranteed a decent cup of coffee. 

So, it may be fair to say price and convenience play a big role in America’s shopping tendencies.  How far will you go for a good deal?  Or are you happy to pay a bit higher price for something that meets your needs at just the right time and place? 

In the real estate market, there are all types of buyers – and different motivations.  If you need help finding a home and price, the right fit, or any other priorities are in mind, give us a call.  We’ll do our best to make this big purchase an enjoyable experience, too!

Link to the USA Today article.