What fun do you plan to have this weekend?  Is donning your Sunday best and colorfully dying eggs part of your plans?  Maybe you have baseball games and picnics on the calendar.  Whatever is on the program, may we suggest taking a breath to enjoy it all? 

Take a moment to renew, refocus, and refresh.  We know a happy home isn’t just the stuff in our house, but also the thoughts we think and habits we keep. Consider what is most important in your life and whether your actions reflect those priorities.  Then, make a decision to get rid of the “stuff” cluttering your mind and distracting your focus. 

Have a fantastic weekend celebrating life, redemption, and the ones you love!

Here is a fun activity and food to add a little bit of happiness to the menu this weekend.

 Marbled Deviled Eggs   

  1. Hard boil eggs.  
  2. Gently crack eggs all over without removing any of the shell.
  3. Color water with a few drops of food coloring – dark colors work best. 
  4. Place cracked eggs in dyed water overnight in the refrigerator.
  5. Gently peel off egg shells and prepare the deviled eggs as usual.  *best to serve the same day as prepared