As a team, we believe successful people read books.  So, as a team, we read a book and discuss it at each of our team meetings. 

Most recently, we completed The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  It’s a great read for anyone looking to make a change in their lives, better themselves, or get encouragement to take the next step toward a goal.  (Doesn’t that cover everyone?)

Admittedly, the author is hard core when it comes to disciplined life habits, but his strategies are worthy of consideration.  A couple of points that stood out to us:

  1.  Small changes make big differences over time.  This one is like taking baby steps and over time you’ve covered a considerable amount of ground.  Anyone see that Bill Murray movie?  Same concept.  Eat at home one extra night a week instead of going out and see how that money adds up.  Or cut out 30 minutes of TV time a day to spend quality time with family or call a friend to nurture a relationship.
  2. Take action.  Make the change – however big or small it is.  The author so boldly stated “learning without execution is useless”.  You can gain all the knowledge your brain can hold, but you’ll only grow as a person when you apply what you learn to make your life better.

We encourage you to act now  – and find a good book to read!