Okay, so you’ve made your lists, and now it’s time to start executing the plan: go big or go to Grandma’s for the holidays. 

To get your home holiday-ready, start with your personal spaces, such as decluttering the Master Bedroom and cleaning out closets.  This is not just a warm-up, but strategically cleans the areas less likely to get destroyed immediately (parents, you understand) and makes additional space for hiding gifts and unnecessary objects.       

Plus, while you’re in your closet, now is a good time to look at your party-going/holiday hosting attire.  If you need to update, you have time to find good sales!

Next, organize the kids’ rooms.  Clean out old toys to make room for new ones.  Make sure everything has a place.

Of course, the bedrooms will need attention again later, but rather than getting knee-deep in determining Lego storage the day before guests arrive, you and the kids can simply pick up and put items away in their pre-determined places.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the kitchen and menu planning!