Does the expectant change of seasons have you wanting to see changes inside as well as?  As the colors on the trees and mountainsides vary, it’s only natural to want to update the scenery inside to keep up with the times.  Speaking of natural, many trending 2019 color palettes lean toward earthy shades and soft, dusk-like tones. 

Sherwin Williams, in particular, has presented several harmonizing color combos that beg you to take slow deep breaths or curl up on the sofa with a good book and cup of coffee.  Relaxing cool neutrals of gray and blues subdue, and  warm, subtle shades of tan and crimson give the impression that 2019 colors seek to create a soothing mood in the home.  

Of course, there are always the trend breakers. 

If you’re a fan of bold and bright, there is a 2019 palette perfect for you, as well.  And, really, after so many colors that urge the need to whisper, it’s a bit refreshing to yell out once in a while in attention-getting greens and reds. 

Here’s a link to check out the color swatches to watch:

Which is your favorite???  Is anyone’s preference of the colors influenced by the paint name?  Wouldn’t it be fun to paint the whole house “Delightful”?  Then again, maybe not.  J