Many have heard that getting a mortgage these days is like getting a bypass surgery.  Well, I am here to say it is not like that at all.

It is as simple today as it ever was.  Now, of course a few documents have changed along the way, but that has actually allowed home buyers to be more informed throughout the process.

One great impact is our ability to verify many important factors digitally.

In many cases, we will only require a copy of the buyer’s driver’s license.

This area has always seemed to be the biggest concern with the process:  “gathering up all those required documents”.

We still offer Conventional Loans……  loan amounts up to $453,100.00   

                                        Jumbo Loans……loan amounts from $453,100.00     

The FHA Loan seems to be the “First Time Buyer’s Program” in today’s lending.

And we proudly offer VA Loans to all that have served for us.

USDA loans provide 100% financing……..Rural Areas Only.

I am thrilled to say “We Service All Our Loans” here at Caliber Home Loans.

This gives our customers the opportunity to take advantage of our Re-Cast Program. One time a year you are allowed to pay a minimum of $5,000 up to any amount you determine to pay down the balance owed on your loan, which will reduce your monthly payment accordingly. 

This tool can help lower mortgage cost dramatically over the period of the loan without having to pay thousands for a refinance to accomplish the same goal.

I would be delighted to discuss any questions that might be out there…

This information was generously provided by Dale Whaley of Caliber Home Loans.  You can reach Dale at 423-593-2501 or

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