Do you ever find yourself chasing after that feeling of satisfied accomplishment?  Not at Craft Love Chattanooga.   There, you get to walk away with tangible evidence that you did something – and it was fun! 

The Iris Rodger Team recently hit our mid-year goal in closings (yippee)!!  So what does a group of go-getters do to celebrate?  They look for ways to do more!  If you haven’t visited Craft Love in Chattanooga, book your spot today.  We all had so much fun, left happy with our hand-made designs, and couldn’t stop talking about when we could go back.  

The materials, tools, and instruction are provided.  You need only bring your creativity, smile, and a tasty snack to share.   No skill required!  You can go online to register and then choose which craft you want to tackle.  Show up, don an apron and get to hammering, staining, and painting. 

There are events set up for couples, friends, and even little hands that are eager to build.

Visit their website.  You can subscribe to their VIP list and get deals and discounts.
Or look it up on Facebook:  Craft Love Chattanooga

Post your pictures and tag us to show off your craft and how you use it to decorate your home!