You’ve made the improvements.  Hired a professional real estate agent.  Set a fair price for your home.  First showing.  Second showing.  Contract!  Everyone does the happy dance, right? 

It’s a tremendous accomplishment that is well-earned.  But, what happens when that signed agreement falls short of completion? 

If you’re feeling discouraged over a lost contract, you aren’t alone.  While it’s not a favorite topic in the real estate world, it happens more often than anyone involved would like.  So, rather than ignore the possibility, it’s best to be informed and take the steps within your control.     

  1. Remember your reason for selling.  It likely hasn’t changed since you first listed the house.
  2. Have realistic expectations.  Disappointments happen.  While one potential buyer doesn’t get it right, the next one very well could!
  3. Be open to creative solutions.  In order to keep a contract together, sometimes the real estate agent and lender can offer creative solutions that require some flexibility on the seller or buyer’s part.  Listen and consider all your options to discern how to achieve the best outcome.

Your real estate agent can help you navigate the steps to get your home sold, but it’s up to you to stay motivated and positive.