Too many s’mores over the campfire or too much time in the office? No matter what may cause a summertime slump, the cure is the same.  Move!  Here are some ideas for getting out and moving in Chattanooga:

  1. Explore.  We live in a place rich with history, natural sites, and special events.  Tour Chickamauga Battlegrounds, venture a bit farther to hike Fall Creek Falls or Cloudland Canyon, and then check out the live music at Riverfront Nights.  There are plenty of places to take an evening stroll before or after the show.  Chattanooga’s Walnut Street Bridge is like no other around – make the best of it!
  2. Let’s Play. Kids don’t have to be told to move.  Take a cue and join in the fun of baseball, soccer, volleyball, or even kick ball.  It’s great bonding and exercise!
  3. Make Dirt Look Good.  There’s plenty of sunshine to go around, so why not plant some flowers?   Or even create an herb garden, so you can add more flavor to the seasonal veggies.
  4. Bike. Run. Walk.  The Riverwalk is just one of the many trails here for all to enjoy.  Bike from Chattanooga State to the Bluff View Art District for a scenic ride and options for a delicious dinner or refreshment.

However you choose to get around, you’ll be glad you took the time and made the effort to stretch your legs and take in the outdoors.