Fear.  It keeps us from moving forward.  And sometimes – from moving at all.  

Why are would-be sellers apprehensive?  For many, it’s not selling that trips them up, but finding the house they want to buy.  In this market, there are more buyers than sellers. 

The good:  Sellers are getting near asking price and often closing quickly. 
The not-so-good:   Buyer selection is limited – likely extending the time it takes to find a new home to purchase.
3 Reasons to Go for It:

  1. Buyers are willing to pay market value for homes, sometimes even above asking price.  Cash in – while the cash is good.
  2. Selling your home quickly is a good problem to have.  Work with a professional real estate agent who will be on your side in the negotiation process – for selling and buying.  A professional can help you find your new home faster.   An experienced agent can also help find solutions to give you more time if needed. 
  3. Life is short.  Homeownership is a wonderful experience if you love where you live and a terrible one if you don’t.  If you’ve already decided your current home isn’t cutting it, then it’s time to move.

Half the battle to overcoming fear is knowledge.  Iris would be delighted to meet with you and talk through your concerns for selling and buying.  No obligation.  No fee.  Just simple advice from someone who knows what to do.    Give her a call at 423-504-7507, email Iris@theirisrodgerteam.com or use the contact form on this page.