Afternoons of rumbling thunder, lightning, and wind are common on these hot summer days.  If you’ve looked out your window after a storm to find limbs and trees down, here are some tips to keep in mind.  First and foremost: Stay Safe! 

Look carefully for

  • Broken limbs still hanging in trees.  Tree experts call them “widow-makers”, because these can unexpectedly fall.
  • Limbs or trees that have fallen on phone or power lines – stay away and let the utility company make the site safe.

Play Pick Up Sticks

  • Clean up broken branches and small limbs.  A wheelbarrow or small wagon behind a lawn mower can be your best friend.
  • Prune back jagged limbs still attached to the tree.  If you’re skilled with a chain saw, be sure to wear the proper clothes i.e. eye protection, gloves, but no flip flops and shorts. 

Call a Pro

If any part of cleanup makes you nervous or seems risky, call someone who is experienced to handle the big stuff.  Especially if limbs are broken and hanging in the tree, or if any part of the tree is under tension and can break or whip back when the tension is released.

If you need recommendations for a tree service, give us a call!